Turning Your Child’s Craft Hobby Into A Business

20 dollar billsTwo things that I love are seeing people who are passionate about crafting, and children with an entrepreneurial spirit.

I know that most of the crafts that I have posted here have been geared toward the younger kids.   But what if your tween/teen wants to turn their crafting hobby into profit?

Perhaps your child has a passion for:

  • jewelry making
  • woodworking/painting
  • knitting/crocheting

just to name a few things.    I know out here on the East Coast, Spring and Fall are huge for craft fairs and the Summer is a great time for Yard Sales (Tag Sales as we refer to them!).

If your family, friends or neighbors are having a tag sale, perhaps your child can set up a table with his or her goods to sell.

The craft fairs will sell vendor spaces (some will even sell a half space for a lower fee).  Just make sure that your child is aware of the time requirements for the particular fair.  Often times the fair will run from 9 am to 3 pm with an hour built in before and after for set-up/breakdown time.  Maybe they have a crafty friend that they could either split the space with (and occupy each other during the lulls), or split the day up in shifts with so they don’t have to stay the entire time.

If your kids DO go this offline route, please make sure that they include a business card (you can get them very inexpensively from VistaPrint.) or some kind of tag letting with their contact information so people can re-order if they want to. Include more than one business card so the customer can hand them off to a friend and send some referrals your way!

Now how about if your child wants to tackle the online world either instead of doing the craft fairs, or to maximize their profit potential?

There are several places where you can sell your artwork (I say “you” and “your” here, but I am in no way suggesting that you do all of the work for your child if they are capable of doing it on their own or at least helping). Before listing your products on those other sites, I would first recommend that you get a website of your own. With your own website you not only look more professional, but you also have more control about how you want things to work and how you want it to look.

I hope you’re not panicking if you have no idea how to build a website of your own. You can get a professionally made website with pre-formatted templates to choose from and it will allow you to plug in your own information without needing to know any web programming languages. If you do have a working knowledge of web languages, you can format your own templates very easily. Head on over to Internet Based Family and check out all of the great options that are available to you – they even have an integrated shopping cart!

Now the other places that I mentioned for selling your crafts are:

  • Etsy – You can set up your own site with customized banners. It costs 20 cents to list an item for 4 months.
  • eBay is another place to list your items. There is a cost associated with it, depending on the amount of the sale.
  • Lily’s Craft Store Mall is one other place you can list your crafts. You pay a monthly fee for the website, but the actual craft listings are free.

I hope this information was helpful to you. For more resources, please check out the following sites:

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  1. kimberlyben says:

    Great tips. My 9 year old wants to sell some of her crochet stuff this summer so I'll definitely be checking out these suggestions.

  2. Hey Kimberly! Thanks for the suggestion for this post…hope it helps you!

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