Make Your own Bees Wax Rolled Candles

This Advent season we made our own candles. We picked up a bees wax candle kit at a local store for 50% off.

The process is simple. You place Bees Wax on the table, place the wick on the edge of the wax and then carefully start to roll your candle. It is helpful to remember to roll tightly as this helps the candle burn longer.

These are our first candles. They don’t look all that fancy but I’m proud of them. They burned nicely as well.

Homemade Serenity’s Blog has a really nice tutorial of the process. She even shares pictures of her wee one making the candles which goes to show this is a very Kidlet friendly craft. Note: There is music on the site when you enter but you can easily turn it off on the right column.

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