DIY Artwork Display, Halloween Inspiration, and Bookmark Love

The temperatures are quickly changing and many will spend more time inside – now is the perfect time to get your crafting tote out and dig in.

Photo by Vicki of 'From One Mom to Another'

  • Not sure what your little one should be for Halloween? These delightfully adorable costumes are sure to get your creative juices flowing. BamBam…need I say more!
  • It’s only the third full week of school for my little ones and the piles of drawings and art projects from school have filled every spot on the refrigerator that is available. This creative idea to display your kids artwork is perfect and will look great on our bookshelves.
  • If turning the pages of a book to discover the adventures on the next page isn’t excitement enough for your little one this bookmark that kids can make themselves is sure to excite. Nothing makes a child prouder then to open a book and see their own handy work (coloring on the pages doesn’t count LOL).
  • I absolutely love all these great ideas from making scarecrows together to having fun with decorations – even some fun with food to help the family have a harvest party filled with fun!

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