Christian Easter Craft – The Empty Tomb

My 4-year-old gets all of the credit for doing this craft.  I gave him some suggestions (thinking I would need to help him out more than I did), and he just ran with it.

The full instructions can be found here: HE IS RISEN Laced Paper Plate Easter Craft for Kids.

Looking at it now, I realize that I read the instructions quickly and ended up kind of doing our own thing.  Here are our modifications:

  • I folded the plate in half rather than cutting it. It made cutting out the opening a little trickier, but it still worked for us.
  • We used the cutout piece as the rock.  My son taped it to the side.  Originally I had planned to attach it with a brad fastener so it could roll back and forth.
  • My son drew an angel inside – I was planning to find one online and paste it in, but this works too!
  • We didn’t decorate with flowers, but he drew on the front of it to make it look more “stone-like”.
  • He cut out a cross and fastened it to the top.

Overall, it was a fun craft (and kept him occupied while I was working!), and we were able to talk about the true meaning of Easter.

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Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Neat craft idea for Easter for those who are Christian and don't do the other easter stuff.

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