Wooden Peg Doll Ornaments


  • Wooden Peg Dolls
  • Yarn
  • Acorn Caps (crochet caps)
  • Glue

How to Make:

  1. glue the lower part of the wooden peg
  2. wrap yarn around until it covers the lower part
  3. glue a piece of string or yarn to the top of the cap. You can also just use a nail and hammer to make a hole in the top of the acorn cap making sure to knot the string or yarn inside the cap so it doesn’t slip out.
  4. glue cap (acorn or crochet) to the top of the head
  5. hang on your tree

Make Your own Bees Wax Rolled Candles

This Advent season we made our own candles. We picked up a bees wax candle kit at a local store for 50% off.

The process is simple. You place Bees Wax on the table, place the wick on the edge of the wax and then carefully start to roll your candle. It is helpful to remember to roll tightly as this helps the candle burn longer.

These are our first candles. They don’t look all that fancy but I’m proud of them. They burned nicely as well.

Homemade Serenity’s Blog has a really nice tutorial of the process. She even shares pictures of her wee one making the candles which goes to show this is a very Kidlet friendly craft. Note: There is music on the site when you enter but you can easily turn it off on the right column.

Swapping Postcards

postcard-gimmiemailSwapping postcards is a great little activity to do with children. It can teach them about the world around them plus they can use it as a way to learn about different cultures and languages.

For a simple postcard exchange just sign up for a free account on PostCrossing and for every postcard you send, one will be sent to you.

Try collecting one postcard from each of the 50 states or try collecting certain types of postcards. You can collect View Cards which are scene cards, landscape cards, cards with animals or Ad cards. [Ad cards are free postcards with advertisements on them]

What do you do with all the cards once you start swapping? I have a postcard wall where I keep all the cards I receive from friends. It gives me a visual of the world I communicate with. You could also just keep them in a scrap album or binder.

Swedish Heart Baskets

Weave a couple of Swedish heart baskets for the tree this season. You will need some paper and scissors.

CraftIdeas.com has a great picture tutorial for the process as it can be a bit frustrating at first. Once you get how the weaving process works it is then quite easy.
One way to know that you are doing this correctly is that it opens up into a basket. It is this basket that you fill with treats and then add on to the tree.

Child sponsorship and letter writing

Our Sponsor Childs HomelandWe started sponsoring a child in September of 2010. Our sponsor child lives in Burkina Faso, Africa.

This Holiday season why not sponsor a child in honor of your child or grandchild?

This is a great project for homeschoolers as well because you get the blessed opportunity to write to your child.

Each month when you send in your payment you can get your children together to write a letter to your sponsor child. You can also get together with other sponsor families and make a letter writing gathering out of it.

Learn about the country of your sponsor child. Why is this particular Country on the list? Poverty is the number one cause but sometimes countries are in need of clean water or medical care.

For more information on sponsoring a child you can google ‘sponsor a child’ or visit Compassion International which is the organization we chose to go with.

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